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Why we exist

Briarwood Partners was founded to solve a common problem faced by CIOs, Portfolio Managers, CEO’s and Heads of Business Development globally - How do you scale your business and raise capital, without very significant upfront investment and with no guarantee of success?

The problems

Wine & Dessert Party

  • Huge divergence in the quality of sales people in the market

  • Large cost of building an in-house sales function

  • People management can distract from end results

  • Cost and time associated with hiring staff

  • Interaction and team dynamics between sales people can be difficult

  • Need to compensate staff well for retention in all markets

  • Huge disparity in quality amongst traditional third party marketing firms

  • Often poor service levels by using external providers

The solution

Wine & Dessert Party

  • Proven track record of the founders over various market cycles

  • Significantly reduced up front cost vs in-house

  • No need to ‘hand hold’. Founders share the same core values

  • Quicker and more efficient ‘route to market’

  • Objective assessment of client segments and markets with no ‘agenda’

  • Alignment of interest that is linked to us delivering results

  • We see ourselves as a disruptor with a differentiated approach

  • Delivery of the same level of service and activity as an in-house team

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